The Future of Hip Surgery

The need for Hip Replacements in the UK is growing all the time.  Shortly 4.7% of all people over the age of 50 will need to have a hip replacement during their life.

Total Hip Replacements over 80,000 per annum (UK) ~330,000 (USA)
Surgical Procedure ~85% lateral/posterior
Mean length of hospital stay ~7 - 8 days (England and Wales)
Minimally Invasive <5%
Direct Anterior <1%
DAA Wootton/Wrexham over 400 cases @ 2.2 days LOS


The Direct Anterior Approach to hip replacement:

This video (below) is a very good exposition of the whole technique from the USA and discusses the pros and cons as well as the patient outcomes very thoroughly.

The surgeon uses an older design of orthopaedic table extension called the HANA.  He describes it as a modified trauma table.

FLOTE is a newer design with many benefits:

  1. It is smaller, more compact, lighter and easier to use
  2. It attaches to any standard, basic operating table (it doesn't need to tie-up and expensive trauma table)
  3. Because of its unique geometry it gives much better exposure of the femur during surgery, obviating the need for the invasive motorised hook shown in the video
  4. Skin to skin surgical time is typically 50-60 minutes
  5. FLOTE is a fraction of the price...


For more information and details on this surgeon and his technique: